Meet Kane Williams Abalone Diver and Marine Industry Consultant Age: 36

What I love about my job

The adventure, challenge and lifestyle that come along with this job make it appealing to me.

Why I chose it

Growing up on the West Coast of Eyre Peninsula I developed a love of the sea and the coast.  I didn’t want a ‘normal’ job; I like to do things that are challenging and different. It allows the freedom to pursue other interests outside of the fishing season.

"I didn't want a ‘normal’ job; I like to do things that are challenging and different."


I have completed a double degree with honours in marine science and aquaculture. I have worked in the public sector and various other sectors of the seafood industry.  I worked as a commercial diver and biologist in the tuna industry, which was my first taste of commercial diving as a career.  Having grown up on Eyre Peninsula I was familiar with the abalone industry and jumped at the opportunity to work in it when the chance came up.  I continue to undertake project-based consultancy work around the abalone fishing season.


  • Dive certificate for abalone diving.
  • Double degree in marine science and aquaculture for abalone industry consultancy work.