Prawn Industry


The Spencer Gulf King prawn industry is almost 50 years old.  Each vessel operates with a skipper and three crew.  The fishery operates for approximately 50 days per year, with about another 50 days spent on maintenance and commissioning and decommissioning the vessel and equipment.

Job Information

Job Types

  • skipper
  • engineer
  • decky (management of nets, sorting, grading, net maintenance, cooking, processing)


November-December and March- June, with some out of season maintenance.

Typical wage (range)

Shared fishing agreements, which range between 12% for skipper to 3% for inexperienced crew.


While fishing the hours are long, up to 12 hour days, commissioning/decommissioning and maintenance days are generally eight hours.

Experience and qualifications essential/desirable

It is desirable to have worked in the prawn fishery or other fishing experience.

Shipboard safety certificate desirable.

Possible career path could include deckhand to engineer to skipper. Once sea time has been achieved, there are other maritime jobs available.

Best part of the job

  • Working in the natural, aquatic environment
  • Fishing for a living
  • Freedom, with minimum work days for a reasonable wage.
  • Satisfaction of being part of an exciting and dynamic industry.

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